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Silver's Cave by Reithya

I'm not gonna just randomly say, "It's all perfect!" and give this art five starts with out any real reason to back up why I gave it that much. That's extremely unprofessional!

What seems as something so simple from a distance can mean so much more when you're up close to the photo. Everything about this picture, in my fully honest opinion, works!

For starters, the neon glowing cave is a remarkable piece! Reithya, you much have defiantly known what you were doing when you repainted the texture of the cave. What you've done has given a Dragons living space more of a living touch! You even added water droplets from stalactites to give a moist environment to the the area without being too detailed.

And now the dragon. The dragon fits in perfectly to its environment! have spots and "glowing" areas on its body to resemble its living space to make the two relateable instead of having some awkwardly opposite colored dragon in the mix to screw everything up.

And the anatomy is outstanding! Body parts are not forced into an awkward position to give more viewing room of the cave. Everything is fitted just perfectly. And the head of the dragon is extremely well done in how clear, yet extremely detailed it is. I couldn't find myself having a difficult time viewing this face and that is a very good thing! I understand it must be somewhat difficult to not only be precise but detailed when it comes to scaling a dragons face. But you've nailed it! You put critical detail in the face without messing up the look and that is awesome!

Every scale and every limb comes in a perfect position in a perfect cave in a perfect photograph! Seriously! Awesome job! Very, very great job!
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